The Frantastics


Introducing the band…

Each drawing upon their diverse musical backgrounds and influences, Frances, Lauren and Sarah , mix and distill their musical alchemy, a steam train collision of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country, polka dots and gingham: yeah, we like mixing things up a bit.

Frances McKevitt (Vocals/Guitar) picked up the guitar at sixteen, cutting her teeth busking for her daily bread and butter on the London Underground at seventeen. Attending Goldsmiths Uni to read music, she failed miserably. Art Garfunkel had a go at teaching her too, before throwing up his hands in despair crying, ‘Fuck it Frances, why aren’t you number one already, whatever you’re doing just keep doing it, it works!’
You can also catch Frances performing all on her lonesome click here

Lauren (Drums) aka Dolly, is our very own ‘Animal,’ so it’s best she’s on drums. Since a wee lass she’s been hitting things, often getting herself into trouble in the process, so it’s in everyone’s interest we keep her at the back.

Sarah (Bass) completes the line-up with her foot-stomping bass lines. When not gigging with the band, Sarah also has her own mobile recording studio, producing and mixing it up for other bands and musicians.